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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Beginners Roadmap
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Beginners Roadmap
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The latest major release of SQL Server was in 2005 and was packed with new features, SQL Server 2008 is no different and learning the new, exciting features can be easier than ever with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Beginners Roadmap.

Learn to manage and develop SQL Server 2008 databases with extreme ease! This book employs the latest features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to develop and manage database systems with the latest ground breaking technology and delivers the information with remarkable efficiency for the beginner and intermediate database administrator/developer. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Beginners Roadmap delivers the essentials in a manner extremely efficient and easy to grasp and is perfect for developers, administrators and anyone else who wish to begin using relational database technology in their applications and environments. This book examines details such as the essential SQL technology and the latest SQL Server 2008 features, some of the material examined within includes:

  • The basic understanding of relational database systems
  • Creating, updating and deleting database objects using the GUI and SQL syntax
  • SQL Server data types, including the new HierarchyID, DATE, TIME and spatial (GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY) data types
  • User defined data types (including .NET CLR)
  • The new FILESTREAM storage
  • Writing and managing stored procedures
  • And much more

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