Let’s face it, since the invention of the remote control we’ve been quite reluctant to get out of the sofa and take a hands-on approach, the same can be said for learning and developing technology. We often eat the pie, yet have no idea how to bake it and this could be a problem. However, we should invest our energy into the how and why. Technology advances by the imagination of people. If you can imagine something, invest your time into learning and developing a solution! We need to stop waiting for someone else to come by and drop the remote control in our hands! Doing so, allows others to dictate the direction of technology, where they want us to be, and sometimes it’s only beneficial to them. As developers and technology experts we need to have an idea of where we want and should be without being told.

We at Magma Interactive believe on the individual capacity of everyone and thus we’ve been releasing new tutorials on a regular basis to distribute technological expertise. The latest tutorial is a video tutorial examining the implementation of the new SQL Server 2008 geography data type and how we can utilize this new functionality by implementing a Virtual Earth application.

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