In this post I'll take a moment to talk a little about my latest book, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Beginners Roadmap. This book, as the name suggests, focuses on the latest SQL Server, 2008, by Microsoft and is geared towards the beginner. While the beginner is the focus of the title, the beginner is by no means the only user who will benefit from this title. I've taken a considerable amount of time focusing on the latest features and demonstrating these features in an easy to understand method. You can find the rough table of contents below, if anyone has any thoughts or ideas please feel free to contact me directly or comment to this post.

Chapter 1: Database Fundamentals and SQL Server 2008
Chapter 2: Speak to me, SQL Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Data Definition Language
Chapter 4: Data Manipulation Language
Chapter 5: Views
Chapter 6: Stored Procedures and Functions
Chapter 7: Understanding Indexing<
Chapter 8: Security
Chapter 9: Data Integrity
Chapter 10: Triggers
Chapter 11: User Defined Data Types
Chapter 12: Using FILESTREAM Storage
Chapter 13: Conclusion

Stay tuned for new posts regarding this book and some tutorials on some of the latest SQL Server 2008 features.